With our doing and decisions making we aim to raise awareness of the relevance of sustainability through design.
The responsibility of the designer and manufacturer to think in new and responsible ways about product design.
Modern manufacturers have to offer consumers long-lasting solutions that are as flexible as possible.

Reduced to the essentials, AYNO meets all criteria of design, technology
and sustainability: It is one of the first LED lights that can be repaired
by the customer without tools.
Thanks to plug-in connections ALL parts can be exchanged, not only LED and transformer. It is made from already recycled materials, each part is reparable by hand and the lamp is easily separated into the three fully recyclable primary materials. The use of semi-finished products avoids transport routes, standardized materials can be sourced locally

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AYNO being the first new draft after almost 70 years for a new lamp, the briefing was naturally with a clear focus on sustainability.

The early lamp drafts of Midgard follow these rules as a matter of course. Midgard lamps are defined by their superior functionality and quality and are built to last a lifetime and longer, and are often inheherited as they are valued as design classics.

These early classics are all made of steel - easy to recycle if must.
Most of the Midgard Lamps harbour patents which guarantee a lifelong usage such as the maintenance free patented joints of the Midgard Modular.

Midgard lamps are still produced entirely in Germany using original tools. We work with local suppliers, and with some of them right from the very beginnings of Midgard.

The standard E27 socket, have offered a very simple option for decades to replace the bulb - a basis for a long product life. Retrofit LEDs allow energy saving usage.