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섬유 케이블 색상: 검은색

조명 색상: 2700K 따뜻함

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AYNO는 1950년대 이후 최초의 미드가드 디자인으로 조정 가능한 조명의 기원과 현재 상태 사이의 경계를 테스트하고 있습니다.

벽 고정물 | 금속 | 검은색
갓 | 재활용 ABS/PC | 검은색
섬유 케이블 | 블랙이나 네온 오렌지

LED | 10W | 밝기 조절 가능
총검 잠금 장치가 있는 도구가 필요 없는 교체 가능한 LED 장치
2700K로 사용 가능 | 3000K | 4000K

독일 산

에넥 | UL | CE | ROHS

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Yes, the LED lighting unit and lampshade are designed so that it can be changed manually. Instructionvideo for exchange can be found on midgard.com under following link.

In our shop under following link, or at selected midgard dealers. find your nearest dealer with our store locator.

Yes. By means of the on and off switch. Switch on the lamp with a ´click´. Then hold the switch down longer to dim. Releasing it and holding it down again dims back. A short video can be found in following section.

The upper as well as the lower adjustment ring follow the same principle: The inherent cable tension evoked by the fiberglass rod ´pulls´ the rings into a ´brake´, so they keep their position on the rod. If you want to loosen these rings, the rings are tilted slightly, then they can be moved gently.

The AYNO lighting family consists of the AYNO S tablelamp, two floorlamp versions – AYNO L and AYNO XL, and two wall lamp sizes, also in L and XL.